Stole this from PB Forums:
1.) The Defender has a 360 degree field of view. It can see all around it, but not below or above. That means a 150 miles to the north, south, east, and west. A circle 300 miles in size.

The VF radar says it has a field of view of 140 degrees, range of 150 miles as well (VF-1S is 250). That means it can only see in front of it. That is how radar works in the real world as well. Fighters do not have radar to their sides or rear. They are blind except for what is in front of them.

The do all have radar warning recievers, so they will pick up enemy radars if one scans them. They will be able to know which way it came from, so the only way to sneak up on an enemy is to shut off your own radar and let somebody else who can see them tell you where they are, spot them with your eyes/telescope, and go in for the kill before they see you using non-radar guided weapons like your gunpod, or heat seeker missiles.

They also rely heavily on radar picket vehilcles. That is why you need the Cats Eye recon aircraft and the VEF-1 Elint Attacker. They do see in 360 degrees and can tell everyone else where the badguys are.

2.) The Armor Peircing Rounds do not explode. They’re just bullets. The Anti-tank High Explosive rounds do explode, and should have an area effect. You might be able to take out a group of battlepods if they are all near each other.


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