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I did not create this lecture, but stole it from the Palladium boards and with some editing made to work with the current names and timeline.

UEDF: United Earth Defense Force (RDF no longer exist in Robotech)
UEG: United Earth Government
AUE: Anti-United Earth (Formerly EBSIS, but that is no longer used either)

Place: A small lecture hall at the Ben Dixon Military Academy, Fokker Field, Monument City Earth.
Time: 0815 Hours Local, June 19, 2017

A short man in UEDF dress uniform limps to the front of the room and unpacks his notebook computer. He plugs the computer into the room?s projection system and fiddles with the controls. He then reaches into a cabinet and pulls out a wireless hands-free microphone and attaches it to his lapel. He gives it a few test taps while the computer boots up. Soon the screen behind him displays a title:

Soviet Studies: Soviet Military Practice and Equipment
Lecture 1: Origins of AUE-UEG conflict
Lecturer: Lt (jg) Walter O?Rielly, UEDF Navy

Good morning ladies and gentlemen? the lecturer begins, ?If you could al take your seats we?ll begin. I know its early but I hope to get through fairly quickly so that you all have a chance to go out and enjoy the sunshine before lunch.?

A scraping of chairs follows and the lecturer takes the opportunity to take a sip from his water bottle.

I am Lt. (jg) Walter O’Rielly of the UEDF Navy, my most recent deployment was aboard the CVS Phoebe off the Indochina Quadrant. I was posted to the Ben Dixon Academy last semester in order to put me to good use while my bent landing gear heals.? he gestures to his overly stiff leg. ?I was assigned to this course in part because I am an expert on AUE military doctrine, operations and equipment, and in part because I am living proof that the AUE military is a dangerous opponent.?

This course is to provide you, as a new recruit or seasoned veteran, with the background needed to properly evaluate Soviet activities and equipment within your areas of deployment. Many of you will find this information useful should you attend the UEDF Accelerated Training Program. Others of you are using this as an introductory course before pursuing advanced Soviet Studies, in that case in a couple of years you could very well have my job here, or a more interesting posting in an UEDF sector HQ.

Over the course of this study, you will learn about current Soviet military capabilities and operations on land, at sea, in air and in space. You will also be introduced to Soviet doctrine and equipment. The most challenging aspect of this course will be to understand the complex nature of relations between the Eastern Bloc of Soviet Independent States and our own United Earth Government.

Our first lecture is an attempt to examine the origins of the current conflicts between the AUE and UEG. While many of my more scholarly colleagues would insist that it requires a lesson on Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin, I think we can skip past all that nonsense and begin with Gorbachev.?

The screen flicks to a series images of a short, fat, balding individual with a large read birthmark on his forehead. Next to the images biographical information is displayed.

Mikhail Gorbachev rose to power in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics in the 1980s. With the legacy of 70 years of communist economic mismanagement in the USSR, and 40 years of Soviet repression in Eastern Europe coming to a head at the end of the decade, Gorbachev found himself reduced to a spectator to the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact, the Soviet Union, and even the centuries old Russian Empire. His lack of control over events was illustrated in August, 1991, when a few communist hardliners attempted a coup to prevent Gorbachev from signing a new constitutional arrangement for the remaining Soviet Republics. The coup was defeated by a mass popular uprising lead by Russian Republic president Boris Yeltsin.

The screen displays images of a tall, strongly belt white-haired man with a bulbous nose

Even though Gorbachev was put back in power, it became quite obvious that Yeltsin was now in charge of the future of the USSR. This was not to last.

?By the mid 1990?s the economies in the former USSR and the former nations of the Warsaw Pact had all hit rock bottom. Many citizens of these countries began to remember the communist period fondly. Yes they agreed the lack of freedom was horrible, but most considered the lack of jobs, shelter and food to be much worse.

Thus, in 1997, while the Global Civil War raged, a movement, calling itself ?New Dawn? swept across Europe, resurrecting socialist governments in Germany, Poland, the Ukraine and Russia. These governments, quickly recognizing their vulnerability in the chaos that raged around them, signed a series of mutual defense and economic co-operation treaties that formed the Eastern European Block of Soviet Independent States.

This EEBSIS set about trying to secure it?s borders and cities from the chaos of the Global Civil War. While the EEBSIS voiced political views in favour of local autonomy instead of a central United Earth Government, they avoided taking military action against unification forces, except when their territory was breached. Additionally the EEBSIS co-operated fully with the UEG in rounding up terrorists and war-criminals. Overall, the EEBSIS maintained polite, if tense, diplomatic relations with the UEG.

With the arrival of the Visitor on Macross Island, the EEBSIS and the UEG signed the Macross Protocol. As a part of this protocol, the EEBSIS would officially ally itself with the UEG and, in turn, the UEG would share technical information gleaned from the crash site. Both governments saw this treaty as advantageous to promoting global co-operation in the face of what seemed to be a looming global catastrophe.

At the start, both parties to the Macross Protocol would act cautiously, but it wasn?t long before the transfer of technical knowledge between the UEG and the EEBSIS would begin. Subsequent agreements would follow. The first was for the EEBSIS to recognize the newly created UEDF as the official protectors of the planet. This had several implications beneficial to the UEG, the most notable being that the EEBSIS would not seek to develop surface to space and space based weapons systems. For the EEBSIS, it allowed them to concentrate on adapting the new technologies to their existing combat systems rather than pursue an expensive space defense program.

Other treaties followed. In 2004 the EEBSIS agreed to provide support in constructing the ARMD platforms. In 2005 the EEBSIS officially allowed its military and civilian population to pursue UEG government contracts, join the UEDF, and take UEG citizen ship. In 2008, when the technology demonstrator CVS Iapetus submersible aircraft carrier was transferred to the EEBSIS, many political commentators expressed that it was likely that the EEBSIS would disappear as an independent political entity by the start of the next decade.

In 2009 things went sour. EEBSIS political leadership didn?t react well when the UEDF unveiled its new weapons. Apparently the EEBSIS felt that the secret development of the Destroids and Veritechs violated the spirit of the Macross Protocol. For a brief period, the EEBSIS stopped it?s assistance with the ARMD platforms, and severed diplomatic relations with the UEG. The arrival of the Zentraedi . . .?

A purple skinned UEDF Sergeant stands up ?That?s T?sentraedi, Sir?

The lecture glares the student back into his seat. ?Thank you Sergeant. As I was saying, the arrival of the T?sentraedi later in 2009 brought an end to the EEBSIS protest, as they once again resumed full co-operation with the UEG. It also caused the EEBSIS to start a crash development program in surface to space weaponry.

Like much of the world, the EEBSIS suffered a devastating blow during the T?sentraedi Global Assault. The heavily industrialized areas of Germany and Russia were obvious targets, as were the plethora of military bases. Most devastating though, was the irradiation of the vast farmlands of Poland and the Ukraine. While its estimated that only around 55 million in the EEBSIS died directly from the bombardment, a 2 year famine that followed claimed over 300 million lives.

The Global Assault destroyed the EEBSIS?s ability to function as a government. Instead for 2 years famine, factional violence and stranded T?sentraedi fueled a cycle of death and suffering unmatched even in the Africa Quadrant. What few government officials remained asked the UEG for help, but as many of you know, the UEG could barely help itself during this period, so an emergency humanitarian mission on the scale required was simply impossible.

The situation came to a peak during the winter of 2012-13 when millions of starving refugees braved the winter storms and T?sentraedi raiders to migrate to the Scandinavia Quadrant, seat of the UEG. The Scandinavia Quadrant closed its borders to the refugees. Reports of cannibalism in the refugee camps prompted the UEG to send in troops to disperse the refugees and send them home. In the resulting violence over 50 000 civilians were killed. Several hundred thousand more died from starvation or exposure waiting on the border.

By the summer of 2013, a central power block had risen to a position of authority within Russian territory. Referring to itself as the Eastern Block of Soviet Independent States, this power block combined leftover EEBSIS military muscle with an alliance with a number of stranded T?sentraedi to provide some measure of regional security. The population was fed from the nutrient paste stored onboard crashed T?sentraedi ships. It would take a further year, but the AUE would eventually expand to the full borders of the EEBSIS, put an end to factional violence and subdue the T?sentraedi. The famine, while mitigated by the AUE?s use of the vast stores of T?sentraedi nutrient paste, would continue on until now.

?The AUE declared itself a sovereign nation of Earth in 2014, the day after the UEG proclaimed itself the ?One voice of earth.? In its declaration of independence, the AUE exhorts and promised support to any and all nations that would ?Protect their local autonomy from tyrants and despots alien or human in origin.? AUE politicians delivering speeches following the declaration called the UEG a ?creeping menace? to the right of self determination and blamed the UEG?s actions for triggering the war with the T?sentraedi, and for hording food and medicine during the famine and devastation that followed. By year?s end the AUE had seized all UEG installations in AUE territory (including a partially complete mecha factory) and had started trying to scavenge and salvage UEDF mecha from beyond its borders.

In 2015, the AUE officially recognized the T?sentraedi government in the Arkansas Protectorate, becoming the first, and only human nation to do so. In 2016 a series of incidents involving UEDF forces and AUE supported Bandits and Zentraedi prompted the UEG to expand their information gathering operations against the AUE

That brings us up to the present situation, which you all can understand from reading your daily newspaper. While the AUE is currently actively co-operating with the UEDF in some sectors, in other areas, most notably space, AUE operations against UEDF and UEG targets continue. Further, while speeches acknowledging the important role the UEDF has in defending the planet against hostile aliens are coming from AUE politicians, the anti-UEG rhetoric has not abated in the least.

Thank you for coming, and I hope to see you all next week when we continue our course with a discussion of current Soviet operations. I will be available for questions in the Lounge in 15 minutes. Class dismissed.?

The scraping of chairs is cut off as the recording ends.

Your instructor, Major MacKenzie turns off the projector and turns to you. ?Like the Lieutenant said, that?s the first lecture. We?ll continue with his lectures for the first part of the course, then we?ll move on to another series of lectures dealing with the AUE in the Post-Reconstruction Era.

If you have any questions, now?s the time.?

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