Pull up a chair and listen closely.

It is believed that the SDF-1 was attacked before making its space fold to earth space causing all aboard to die and crash to Earth. This public view of history could not be further from the truth.

Few know within the United Earth Forces that the SDF-1, before being claimed by Earth, original crew died when the space fold shielding failed. The Earth scientist still do not know what exactly became of the crew since many of the internal monitors were destroyed. There is evidence that some of the crew deformed into a different state.

The Earth survivors who first entered the SDF-1 inspection fought the deformed crew of the ship. Many were lost from the initial contact and all had changed both physical or mental and some both. Dr. Emil Lang eye’s had gone all black permanently while Roy Fokker began drinking heavily to forget first contact are some examples.

From the remains of the SDF-1, the knowledge of a giant army of human shaped being may come looking for their ship, but also there were other evils in the Universe worse than these aliens. The newly created United Earth Forces created a “special” force to combat these evils and to research further to help combat these demons.

During the launch of the SDF-1 that took the island of Macross with it caused a great pause for the Leaders on Earth with knowledge of the initial inspectors trials of entering the SDF-1. The survivors of Macross Island were exposed to an unshielded bunkers during Space Fold and Captain Gloval was unaware of the possible effects of unshielded travel. The few leaders in knowledge within the United Earth Forces would not allow the Macross population return to Earth and ruled the population must stay on the ship including the crew.

When the SDF-1 made its space jump to the dwarf planet Pluto not only did it take Macross Island along, but also one [[A.R.M.D. Space Platform | Space Platform ARMD-02 Shokaku]] which disappeared during the jump. The United Earth Forces did not release that Macross Island and the ARMD-02 Space Platform were enveloped by the Space Fold and told the public both were destroyed by the alien invaders.

20 years have passed (2019 A.D.) since the SDF-1 crashed into Macross Island. The Zentraedi Rain of Death (2011 A.D.) made pause for rebuilding the Earth and to fight off the Malcontent Zentraedi. The Southern Cross Armies have been formed to defend the Earth while the Expeditionary force builds to start the trip to battle the Masters.

Operations to mine asteroids continue during the building of the new fleet. Pirates and Malcontent forces continue to be a problem that require regular patrols and escort wings to and from mining colonies.

The team is designated to patrol section of the asteroid belt. Colonel Stueben is the commanding officer on Escort Carrier – Connecticut. Colonel Stueben is a long time member of the United Earth Forces. There are several rumors about Colonel Stueben that he was among the first to find the SDF-1, but whenever questioned he ignores the person and they seem to go no where further in their career afterwards. Another rumor heard about the Colonel is that he was demoted for a falling out with higher up politician, but no one seems to know more about what happened and no one is dumb enough to ask.

The team has been on tour for about 3 months and on this rotation’s briefing for patrol there is an announcement of a dead ship detected floating through the asteroid field. The signature reflected upon several scans is Space Platform ARMD-02 Shokaku. Additional crew with technical expertise are assigned to inspect the ship during the briefing.
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Robotech Ghosts

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